Monday, February 28, 2011

Back on Track

Hey everyone! I haven't updated my blog or videos in a while. I've been distracted. And the videos I. Have made I haven't been happy with. My videos making station has not exactly been ideal wither. My boyfriend and I thought I might get better lighting in our bedroom and moved it out of the office. I haven't been happy with it, so my sweetpea purchased me a backdrop. I should be getting it this week and I plan on doing a major haul video! :) I've been doing some shopping as well as getting product for training from my jobs! I can't wait to share everything with you all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Urban Decay Complexion Primer and Makeup Geek Challenge

Hey Everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're enjoying a day full of love.

I'm really excited about this video. Not only is a great review, but it's an entry into the opportunity of a lifetime. Ya, I think so. I've entered myself in Makeup Geek's contest for product reviewers. Could you imagine working for Marlena!? When I saw this I was so excited and knew I had to enter. I'm excited for the opportunity and excited to see a Guru step outside the box. Other Gurus are adding new faces to their channels, but they are some friend or associate. I think it genius that Makeup Geek has decided to let us normal folks take a stab at working for her. I would have applied to this position if it wasn't paid, because I just want to make videos and share my knowledge and experiences.

I was really excited about this primer as well. I got the Pore Perfecting version because I wanted an airbrush finish. I was so disappointed. I noticed a difference when I put my makeup on, my pores were filled in and my makeup just seemed a bit more flawless. But after 6 hours, I didn't see any difference. My makeup had worn off at the same rate. I guess primer just isn't something that's necessary for me, so I won't continue to use it!