Sunday, February 19, 2012

Luxy Hair Extension Review (160g #18 Dirty Blonde)

This post is all about my experience buying and using hair extensions. I ordered my extensions (160g #18 Dirty Blonde) on a Tuesday and recieved them on a Saturday. I was actually surprised that they came that quickly!

Why Luxy? I chose Luxy because they ship out of the US. I didn't want to pay for international shipping, nor did I want to wait for them if they got stuck in customs. I was considering FoxyLocks, but I wanted them ASAP! Also, they are pretty popular on YouTube and I wanted to try them out for myself.

Why clip-ins? I've never had extensions before nor do I have the money to pay a hair stylist to put in extensions. It can be hundreds of dollars each trip to the salon and I'm a student, so clip-ins just make sense. Here are some of the pros and cons of clip-ins...
  • Pros
    • easy to insert
    • cheapest form of hair extensions
    • can be taken in and out at users discression
  • Cons
    • must be applied everyday. Sleeping in them wouldn't be comfortable
    • hard to wash
    • clips can be uncomfortable
    • wefts can be very hard to hide if you have thin hair
 My Luxy Hair Impression: My impression of Luxy is so-so. I'm happy with the extensions that I received, but there are a few things I would change. The over-all quality is okay. I've never had hair extensions before so I have nothing to compare them too, but they shed a lot in the beginning and ends of the wefts are a little frayed (pictures below). The color I ordered isn't dirty blonde in my opinion. It's more like a honey or dark golden/red blonde. They are very warm and my hair naturally has cool tones. Keep the undertones of you hair color in mind. I thought they would be a bit more neutral, but they weren't. When I ordered mine, I knew my hair wasn't going to match them (I had a DIY bleaching experience and my hair turned very ashy when it was corrected). I got my hair done a few weeks after I received them and took a weft in with me. My stylist did a great job matching them, but my hair is still naturally ashy. Also, I only get a partial foil when I get my hair done. This means that the underneath of my hair is darker. If you get a partial foil, the underneath of your hair is left uncolored.

The 160g is WAY too much hair for me, but I would recommend it to everyone. More is better. If you're going to buy it, you might as well buy a few wefts you're not going to use so that you have extras so if one gets ruined, you're not out of luck.

I purchased some hair color to color the lower portion of my hair extensions. I haven't decided if I'm going to color them or get my hair redone and get a full foil. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Here are some pictures below. Let me know what you think!

The verdict: Would I buy them again? No. I think I would just go to Sally's and pick out some from there. I think the Luxy extensions are a bit expensive and buying from the internet is tricky. Would I recommend them? Yes and no. If your hair is ONE solid color it would be a lot easier to purchase on the internet. Other than that, no. Luxy doesn't have many colors to choose from. I'm happy with what I got, but I don't feel the need to purchase them from Luxy again. Definitely no if you have thin hair in the back of your head like me. It's really hard to hide the wefts.

Plus: If you're going to get clip-ins, factor in the cost of getting them cut. They will need to be cut in order to blend seamlessly into your hair!