Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to Cocktail Hour - The Basics of Foundation

Who doesn't love having a drink and talk about beauty with a girlfriend. Cocktail Hour is going to be the latest segment, that will always feature a guest. Nobody likes to drink alone. And you shouldn't.

The Recipe
3 cups Simply Orange Juice with Pineapple - best juice ever!
1-2 shots Meyers Dark Rum
1-2 shots Cruzan Coconut Rum
A splash of Triple Sec

Blend together. Add ice to glasses and pour. This will make enough for 2 to 3 girlfriends to have a nice evening cocktail together!

This episode we discussed Foundation. I know a lot of people are really intimidated by choosing a foundation. It's hard! I have had a really hard time matching people and it's frustrating. Sometimes you have to mix two colors together to get the right color, but who wants to buy two foundations. It's good to pick a line that has lots of colors to choose from.

Figuring out your undertones is pretty simple, just have to look at the whole picture. Look at the undertones in the basis of pink, yellow or neither/both. What do you think you have? Olive tones fall into the warm category.

It's strange to me that sometimes when I pick out foundation, I'm a cool with one line and a neutral with others. Sometimes it's their formulations and sometimes it's you. Sun exposure can alter the undertones present. Remember you best anti-aging tool is sunscreen, so wear it, but if we spend lots of time in the sun in the summer or year round, it's going effect our undertones. That's totally normal.

Picking out the right color is tricky and if you are somewhere in the middle always go with the lighter shade. You can always add bronzer, but if you have a shade that's slightly too dark for you, you won't be able to wear bronzer because your face and body colors won't match. If you find a shade the disappears completely on your face, that is the color for you. You don't want to see the color. Foundation is supposed to make you look flawless, not like an Umpa Lumpa, unless, of course, that was the look you were going for!

Keep in mind that you should drink alcohol in moderation. It dehydrates your skin and aggravates Rosacea. Do not drink if you are under the legal age limit. Never, never, never drink and drive.

If you have any question, comments, concerns and/or requests, please let me know!

Watch the video here!

Cocktail Hour - Foundation

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