Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I wanted a mail order makeup subscription that was somewhat similar to Birchbox, but that had full size products. I found a couple different sites, but MakeupMonthly.com seemed to fit best into my budget and it had some brand name products that I wanted to try. Some of the other sites that I looked at:

YellowBoxBeauty.com - Every month they focus on a particular brand and you get full size retail products. Prices start at $35 plus $8 shipping. The reason I didn't choose this particular box was because the price and I want to try products from multiple brands, not just one. Maybe I will try this one at some point, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend at this point.

TestTube.NewBeauty.com - This company sends you samples 4 times a year. They send samples plus a magazine which is a nice touch. The cost is $30 plus $9 shipping (I swear when I originally looked it was closer to $50 total, maybe they are having special?). You get to write reviews about the products that you try. This one really appealed to me, but the fact that they only come out 4 times a year was kind of a turn off. This might be great for someone one a strict budget!

Glymm.com  - I just found out about this website. Seems like they have some really nice products, but it's really similar to BirchBox.

MakeupMonthly Pros and Cons:

  • Flat $30 
  • Brands I wanted to try: MAC, Urban Decay, Cargo, Nars, Etc. 
  • Choice of nails, cosmetics or skin care
  • No extra charge for shipping
  • Store isn't open just yet
  • I'm not sure if the products I'm getting are old or not
  • Tips and Tricks don't always apply to what I'm doing
  • Questionnaire isn't all that great.
Overall Opinion:
I'm excited to see what I get next month and I'm hoping that I will get more products that are relevant to me. At this point I want to try a different makeup subscription and I'm really considering Test Tube. I've read the New Beauty magazine and I really like it.


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  1. I wrote on your video comments as well as here. Here's my opinions and thoughts.

    The company is located in Federal Way, WA, least the post office box is. The domain name is registered in Vancouver, WA. Either way Washington state has very STRICT business rules and laws and ALL businesses - even at home businesses - are required to have some type of license depending on what kind of business they are.


    Because this company is basically reselling products they MUST collect tax on it yet do not have a Master Business License or UBI in WA state. I looked. They also do not have a Federal Way city business license. With their domain name registration information being private there is no way to know who owns the company much less file a complaint to get your money back if something happens UNLESS you file a complaint with Paypal (if you use PP to pay) OR with your credit card/debit card company.

    Secondly, the makeup you showed in your video are discontinued products. Smashbox lipstick in Flash is a legitimate lipstick but it was discontinued a while back. I found it on Amazon.com for $16.

    According to Smashbox rep I spoke with the lipstick has been discontinued for a while now but she couldn't give me an exact date.

    Basically my opinion on this company is to stay away from it because it comes off as a scam. I've contacted the City of Federal Way to have them look into it since they should have a business license.