Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Today is election day. A big deal.

You learn a lot about people by the way that they vote. I am not a perfect voter. There are certain measures on the ballot that I don't care about it. Well, not caring isn't true. But I don't understand them and I'm not interested in understanding them.

I hope that our country can get it together. We're so divided and that scares me. I don't understand some people's ways of thinking and they probably don't understand mine. I can usually see other people's sides of debates, but there are some issues that I just don't understand.

I hate when people vote along party lines. NEVER EVER should someone vote based on the party that they belong to. That is giving your voice to a party. A party doesn't always have your best interests in mind. It always has the party's best interest in mind.

Do your research. You can mail in your ballot. Here in Washington State, you ballot is mailed to you. It's such an amazing system. You have so many tools at your disposal to figure out how you want to vote. You have the internet, TV, newspapers and friends and family. You can ask people how they voted and why. You can take your time, understand and cast your vote. I love it. I was able to vote on the issues I already knew how I felt, and research ones I didn't understand.

Don't wait. Don't be stupid. Vote. There is no excuse in this day in age, not to vote. 

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