Friday, September 24, 2010

Taylor Momsen, Rock Chick Inspired Look

I had so much fun doing this look. I don't typically wear really heavy makeup. I normally just wear a nude base color, a brown crease color and a highlighter, so wearing black is really fun for me! I went around town all day and was in such a good mood because I loved my look! :)

This is a super easy look that doesn't take too much time. It does take some patience because it can be a little messy. I would recommend trying it out once before you try to wear it somewhere.

I don't really know much about Taylor Momsen other than her eye makeup. I had no idea she is only 16.

Primer - Start with your Primer (DUH). A Primer is really important when you're doing extreme colors. It's not always important for daily wear, but I recommend it for this look. Use your fave!

Crease - Dark Brown - Coastal Scents Palette - Starting with your crease ensures that it will be defined properly. Using a soft brown creates an easy transition between the black and your highlight color. This is really important. It will also give you a nice outline when applying the black eyeshadow. Use your favorite crease brush. I got mine at Target!

Eyeliner - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Black Bean - I love these eye pencils from NYX. They're really cheap. I got mine at Ulta and all the NYX cosmetics were buy 1, get 1 50% off. Heck yes! Let it dry before you open your eye, or you will end up with a mess! You don't have to be precise with this. You line can be messy, just like mine in the video, because we will be blending it anyway.

Base Color - Black - Coastal Scents Palette - This black is the basis for this look. I'm using my BareEscentuals Precision eye brush. I love this brush, but you could use any eyeshadow brush. Make sure you stay on your lid and blend really well. This part can take a while, so go slow. It's better to go slow because you will make less mistakes and won't have to spend a lot of time correcting.

Silver Metallic Color - Coastal Scents Palette - Choose the color that is right for the look you want. This color will give you the metallic sheen. Apply layer after layer until you get the desired effect. You don't necessarily have to do this, but it gives this look a more elegant feel. If you want just a matte black look skip this step.

Highlighter - Covergirl Shimmering Sands Trio - Lightest Color - I love this highlight color and this Trio. I actually use it on a daily basis. It's really inexpensive and the light color is my favorite highlighter ever. I used my smudge brush (which I also got at Target) to place the shadow more precisely. I typically use my fingers for highlighter, but it was important not to smear the black, I recommend using a tightly packed brush to place your highlighter.

Eyeliner on the Waterline - Covergirl Perfect Point Eyeliner - Black - You can use whatever eyeliner you want. Black is the best color. A waterproof liner is another idea. I like the Le Stylo Waterproof from Lancome. If you plan on spending all day in this makeup, waterproof is ideal. The liner doesn't have much to adhere to when you place it on your waterline. Make sure you DO NOT share eyeliners with friends and family if you place it on your waterline. It's important to clean it with alcohol each time you use it to avoid eye infections.

Lining the Lower Lash Line - I used the other end (pointier end) of my precision eye brush to place my black and metallic gray/silver color along my lower lashes. Make sure you blend really well so there are no gabs between your lash line and waterline.

Curl you lashes, apply a black mascara of your choice.

Add a highlighting top coat. I used the Max Factor Vivid Impact Highlighter in Blazing Black. I choose to use a fun topcoat color to add a pop of color. Whenever I wear this mascara it will catch people's eye and they love it.

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  1. i need good brushes! i've had the same ones forever. this is a really pretty look.