Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skin Care Question and Answer #1

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all the feed back! I got so excited about the comments people had left, that I ended up answering them immediately. I will work on doing some of the backlogged questions. That will keep me very, very busy! :)

Question 1
"how do I control all that oil on my face?
I've tried matte moisturizers, blotting paper, and primers that promise to reduce shine. But half way through the day, my face always end up a mess.
I don't wear any foundation or any "skin makeup" and I sorta have combination skin where some areas get actually quite dry!
Will laura mercier's translucent powder work to absorb the oil?
Thanks for doing this btw!"

First start off by looking at your diet. I think we all forget that we are what we eat. Sometimes we eat in excess and don't really realize it. I'm a total sugar nut and I just can't help myself. I love sweet things. I try to cut back, but sometimes those brownies just call my name! Anyways, the sebum (oil) that comes out of our pores is good, but excess can lead to breakouts and it might be trying to tell us something. I'm not a dietitian, but I'm saying you might want to examine your diet.

The next step would be to look at your cleanser. Are you using something harsh, that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and tight? If so, your skin is overcompensating for being stripped. Try a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil for All Skin Types or Philosophy Purity Made Simple. This are both pretty inexpensive and won't strip your skin.

A clay mask twice a week will also be beneficial. Only use it in areas that you have having oil breakthrough. You don't want to dry out dry patches even more. My favorite clay mask is St. Ives Firming Clay Mask. It's cheap and works wonders! :)

Continue to use the mattifying and oil-free moisturizers. Also adding a translucent powder will help! It doesn't matter the brand, but make sure you find one you like!

Like I said in the video, you might find that you break out when you switch cleansers. This is normal and give your skin a few weeks to adjust. Keep me posted. I hope this helps!

Question 2
"do you know of a good cheap moisturizer from the drugstore,that is light and for acne prone combination skin ? I have bad luck with moisturizers breaking me out and don't want to spend very much on them in case it doesnt work for me"

There are a lot of great options at the drugstore. I think the biggest challenge about shopping at the drugstore is that you're supposed to know what you need. It's easier when you go to an Esthetician and someone says, "this will work for you." 
-          Moisturizing Lotion for All Skin Types from Cetaphil is probably the cheapest and most recommended. It's a often recommended by dermatologists and it comes in big sizes. It's light and something that says it's for all skin types is good for combo skin. $8-$12. 

-          Oil Free Moisture from Neutrogena is another great option, it's a little bit pricier for what you get, but Neutrogena makes really nice products. You can also get this one with or without sunscreen.

Question 3
I have a question! Whenever I get a pimple, the mark thats left there as a result takes weeks to heal on my face. I usually resort to using neosporin to help the process along, but is there anything I can use to heal up the leftover mark/scab faster? (yes I am a picker! I know thats my first mistake)

Ah, I can speak till I'm blue in the face about picking, but we all do it. So, a pimple is actually a wound in you skin and it can take up to 6 months for it to fully heal. If you are continually getting pimples in the same area, it may never heal. If Neosporian is working for you, you should continue to use it. That's what it's for, healing the skin. There are other options, such as, honey, Aloe or lemon juice and apply an ice cube for a 10 to 15 minutes a day.

I hope that these suggestions help! Please continue to submit your questions! :)

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