Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding the Perfect Hairstylist!

Dear Kim, 
Your hair is awesome. I'm getting my hair done soon and it's a new hairdresser so I have no idea what I'm going to do. What do you ask for at the salon?

When you get your hair done do you get your hair washed as well? Does your stylist always shampoo and blow dry your hair?


Hi Sarah!

Thanks for your question! The first step to getting a great hair cut, is finding the hairstyle that you want. Look in magazines and online for pictures. Print out multiple angles of the hairstyle that you choose so that the stylist that you pick knows exactly what you are looking for. Also, look online for tips about what hair styles would look best on your face shape and hair type. If you are planning on changing your hair color, your stylist will be able to help you pick out a color, but bring in pictures so she has a good idea of what you want.

The next step would be to find a stylist. The first thing you should do is look online using websites like yelp, insider pages, or citysearch. These websites have reviews and yelp does a great job filtering reviews that may not be real. It's a great way to narrow down your search. Also ask friends and family if they like their stylist, and why. Does she listen well? Do you come out feeling like you worked together to achieve a great haircut?

When you've narrowed down your perspective stylists, call the salon and book a consultation. This will ensure that you have the stylist's attention for at least 15 minutes and can get a feel for her. Take your pictures into your consultation and ask her if this is a look she can give you and if your expectations are realistic. Also ask about pricing and what the appointment will include, such as washing, conditioning and styling. Some salons charge extra for styling after a cut. You will want to have your hair styled in a way you could replicate on daily basis and ask about products and if they are able to suggest things within your price range.

Typically stylists will wash, condition and style your hair at the appointment, but be sure to ask.

Hope this helps!


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