Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Hair! New Products!

Hey Everyone!

As I said in my video, my short hair was a bit of an accident. An accident that ended up alright, but still an accident all the same. I wanted to share my new hair care routine with you because I've never really used a whole lot of product before. I was really excited to try new things after my haircut!

I try to alternate between two different shampoos, but I find myself gravitating for the my Herbal Essences Hydralicious Featherweight Shampoo. The other shampoo that I use is Lanza's Healing Volume Thickening Shampoo. What can I say? I like my sulfates!

The conditioner that I use is the Lanza Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner. It smells delicious and leaves my hair detangled and refreshed. I only use conditioner on my ends so that helps minimize "weigh down".

Protecting your hair from heat is one of the most important steps you can take. I'm using the Label.M Heat Protection Spray. It's very light and perfect for me know. I used to use the Thermafuse HeatSmart Serum when I had long hair. It helps to smooth and make my damaged ends extra shiny.

Next I apply my "body giving juice". Evo's Shape Vixen gives great body, hold and slight texture. The fragrance can be a bit overwhelming, but it's makes a huge difference in the volume of my hair.I use and Itech Round Brush (3 3/4") and blow dry away.

When my hair is about 85-90% dry I spritz in my Fudge Salt Spray. This gives my hair the just back from the beach texture without the fishy smell. :) It smells like coconuts and helps give my hair body.

Next I tease my roots with Spornette's Little Wonder Teasing Brush. I spray the Alterna Bamboo Uplifting Root Blast all over my roots to help the teasing stay in place.

I finish it all off with either the Evo Builder's Paradise, which is their working spray, or their Helmut Finishing Spray. I prefer Builder's Paradise because of the scent, but Helmut has more hold!

I hope this gives you some ideas for new hair products. I'm loving all of mine and can't wait to share all the new goodies the purchase when these run out!

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