Saturday, January 14, 2012

Julep Maven Review

I decided to try out Julep Maven for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I found this video. She had two coupon codes to share and I figured "why not!?".

Julep is a company that has a few nail parlors in the Seattle area. They also have their own line of nail polish as well as hand and foot care. Julep Maven is a monthly subscription to their boxes, it's similar to Birchbox or JewelMint. You only get nail care products from Julep's line.

The coupon code for a penny didn't work, so I did the one for 5 bucks. It worked, so I decided to buy the box. I did the style quiz and they determine that I was an "American Beauty". I looked at the other boxes and decided that I would try the one that they recommended to me.

Julep Maven: American Beauty January 2012

Included in Box 
  • Two Nail Polishes (full size) Anne and Maria (.27 oz)
  • Glow-On Lotion
I ordered on a Saturday and the box was on my porch on Wednesday. Pretty quick.

Julep is local Seattle company, so I was instantly interested. I've read about Jane Park in a few different local publications and have loads of respect for her.  I've never been into one of her nail salons because I love doing nails at home, so I'm glad they have a line outside of the salon.

Product Review

Let's review the actual products now I really like the products in as a whole. I'm not fond of the shimmering, metallic nail polish (Maria), but I love the creme color (Anne). The lotion is nice, but I'm not really sure it's something I would repurchase. It's targeted at a different demographic than me, which I absolutely respect. It had a nice texture and smell, but I like really thick hand creams.

The nail polish quality was actually really nice. At first I thought it was a little goopy, but it was goopy in a good way. It allowed the polish to go on smooth and it didn't require multiple coats for great pigmentation. I was really impressed. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

At first, I was thinking that I wouldn't get another box because I didn't want to pay for it, but I kind of want to try more of their products. Maybe I'll get the box that just has polishes if I like the colors.

All and all, I've been impressed with the box. I think it's a pretty good value and the products are worth it! Pictures below!


  • Quality products
  • Good value: Polishes alone are $14. The fact that you get two full size polishes means that box already paid for itself.
  • Lot's of box options to choose from if you don't like what they chose for you
  • Must log on at certain time during the month to skip month or your card will be charged. This can get really old, especially if you're forgetful
  • The  combination of products you get might not be to your liking (but that can happen with any subscription box)
  • Products are only from Julep, if you're looking to try multiple brands this might not be the box for you. 

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  1. Anne and Marie look great on you. Did you choose to continue with the Julep Maven program? Do you have a favorite Julep color?

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