Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everyday Look

Some might think that my philosophy for everyday makeup is backward, but I think it makes sense, especially for my wallet! My everyday products are cheap, with the exception of my foundation. If I'm going to go through a product, like my everyday eyeshadow, every month or two I don't want my eyeshadow to be $20 a pop. I'm content with drugstore and inexpensive finds.

This look was inspired by my cheapness frugality.

ELF makes some really great products. Some can be hit and miss, but I ordered 18 products for $36 dollars and like most of them. Their mineral line is pretty impressive for the price. Most of the ingredients are nonirritating and natural. I would say this line is much more impressive than some more expensive lines. They also make some really great brushes and most are about a buck! AH! I love it!

I don't use the Blush and Contouring powder for highlighting and contouring, just as a bronzer and blush! The Brownstone quad is beautiful. The colors are soft and make your eyes pop. I've used this quad for multiple occasions because I feel that it is appropriate for lots of different occasions! The Nicely Nude lipstick is a soft, but bright color that adds a pop of color to your lips without making you feel like you're wearing a ton of lipstick. I don't normally wear lipstick on a daily basis, just gloss, but sometimes this lipstick just calls my name!

Yes, I was German Beer Girl for Halloween. The costume was in the 50% off pile! That made up my mind for me! :)

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