Friday, January 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips

Ah! I'm was so excited when I saw these at Rite Aid! I had been wanted to get my hands on Minx or Sephora Nail strips, but they are so expensive! Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips are about $10.

There are a few things that make me think that these nails are better than Minx or Sephora. They aren't on a huge strip. You can actually hold them up to your nail with the back still on them and see if they fit correctly. You can also use either side against your cuticle. You don't have that choice with other brands.

I'm going to test them out and let you know how long they last and if I would buy them again. They are a little expensive when you compare them to a bottle of nail polish that has lots of uses, but these are definitely worth a shot!


Easy to apply - Everything you need comes in the kit with the exception of Acetone. There is no mess and no risk of ruining your nails if you move suddenly. It's also easy to see which strip will fit on your nail.
Price - A lot cheaper than Minx or Sephora.
Long Lasting - These have lasted way longer for me than regular nail polish. Regular nail polish lasts about 24 hours for me, if I don't ruin them when they are drying. I went 3 days without any chips, and I believe that that the only reason they did chip is because my nails have been pretty weak lately!


Messy - The little things you peel off the strip can get everywhere.
Buying the kit every time - Once I've purchased the kit, I don't want to buy the orangewood stick and buffer again. I think that my tools are better quality.

Have you tried these!? Let me know!


  1. I got the spring plaid and little birds and LOVE these. However, I had a problem with bubbling when I put a top coat on directly after applying the strips. I found that if I waited an hour for it to 'dry' (so weird, since they feel dry to the touch), I had zero problems with bubbling.

    Mine lasted a solid week and a half until the edges started to come up (probably should have applied another top coat after the first week). These are so quick and easy, but pricey.

    1. Hi again! :) I've never heard of the bubbling, but I'm happy to hear you've figured it out! Because you have a gel kit at home, you might want to try using a gel top coat and see how long they last!? :) You'll probably get sick of them, you've had them so long! :)